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Some common answers to questions about pricing:

Can we do something other than these 3 packages?

These are 3 packages that I have put together because they are popular according to people's budgets. I can mix and match anything in between if you need a custom quote. Get in touch to get your custom quote.

What is 'Print Release'

Print release means you don't need my permission to print your own photos, meaning you'll have the full sized hi-res files to do that. I am just making it clear to you where we stand on this issue

Do you do albums?

For albums, we can organise these after the date if desired, albums will be a part of selected packages in the future

What's the price for a single photographer?

I find using 2 photographers so much better in terms of the variety of shots you'll get that I don't generally offer packages with a single photographer.

Dave Smith

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