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What is difficult when giving my clients pricing options is that there are hundreds of options, all with different prices. I have narrowed things down to give you 4 options to choose from. I am of course happy to do different options on inquiry, it's just not possible for me to list every different option here.

Here are my main options for wedding albums:

Brag Book or Gift Option: $249.00 plus freight

8x11 inch in Portrait or Landscape format, 20 "sides"

Book Bound Soft Cover:  $399.00 plus freight

10x10 inch with 40 "sides" with design-able soft cover

Art Layflat Book: $599.00 plus freight

9x11.5 inch in Portrait or Landscape format, with 50-58 "sides"

Zen Layflat Impact X: $889 plus freight

12x12 inch wood plaque or fabric cover with deluxe design-able case, 60-68 "sides"

(featured above)


Dave Smith

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