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Hey there person I don't know yet...

Virtually  every couple I've photographed are crazy camera shy, terrified of cringey staged photos permanently used as evidence against them by all their friends. All they wanted was a space they could be themselves and be captured naturally and be reminded that they are good together.

Pretty easy if you've known a photographer for some years and are already comfy around them, not so much when you don't know them, don't like them and nothing feels natural.



This is where you'll need someone real, who can quickly help you feel relaxed and the guy with the camera seems to actually want you to show the real you.

I can really only imagine what it's like for you having to look through so many talented photographer's work and having to make a decision for your wedding day photography. Back in the day it was just whoever had a nice camera got the job, nowadays it's nothing to spend $20k on camera gear to get you started.

But at the end of it all, you're still dealing with people. You're people, I'm people and we all want the same thing... to enjoy life and look back at our lives with fond memories.



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